The Bicaz Canyon

Where is located?

To those who don’t know, the Bicaz canyon or gorge is located in the north-east part of Romania and it is a part of the Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park.

The story..

After we left the Red lake, our next and final destination was the beautiful Bicaz canyon. After almost 5 minutes of driving, we found an empty space near the road where we left our car and from there we took a walk in the Bicaz canyon. I must admit that you will encounter many breathtaking views with steep cliffs near the road and cascading water streams. When we visited this place, the weather was great which allowed me to capture many interesting photos of the canyon. In my opinion, if you are in the area you should definitely visit this amazing natural place.

Bicaz canyon with the mountains in the background

Blue wildflower in the Bicaz canyon

Rapid mountain stream

Sunset in the Bicaz canyon

Pine Trees On A Large Rock

This photo was taken during my trip to the amazing Bicaz canyon which is located in the Eastern Carpathian mountains. I’ve captured this photo because I found it interesting how those tall pine trees were growing on that large rock. In order to make this photo look even more amazing, I have decided to add some sun rays.

Pine trees growing on a large rock in Bicaz canyon

Exploring The Bicaz Gorge

This is a small part of the Bicaz gorge which is located in the Eastern Carpathian mountains. This narrow road basically links two important regions in Romania. Those two regions are the historical region of Transylvania and Moldova. We left our car in a parking place near the entrance into the gorge and we explored a smaller part of the gorge on foot. The entire scenery was truly amazing and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture some amazing nature and landscape photos.

Road in the Bicaz gorge

Small Mountain Creek In The Bicaz Gorge

Today I have decided to share another photo from my last trip to the Bicaz gorge. The small mountain creek from the photo below is flowing right next to main road in the Bicaz gorge. We found a parking place in the gorge where we left our car and after that, we’ve decided to make a short hike. As we were walking, I had decided to make some photos of the creek. After crossing a smaller bridge, I found a place where I could get very close to creek. Once I was near the creek, I had to wait a couple of minutes because there were some tourists taking photos and selfies. Once they left the place, I put my camera on a larger rock for extra stability and I started to capture the creek.

Mountain creek in the Bicaz gorge