The Old Hydroelectric Power Plant from Timisoara

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The old hydroelectric power plant in Timisoara

This hydroelectric power plant (or simply the “Turbines”) was built on the Bega canal. It can be found in the Eastern part of Timisoara, close to the Fabric neighborhood. The power plant was commissioned on the 3rd of May 1910 and back then, it managed to produce 89% of Timisoara’s electricity consumption. The entire structure followed the blueprints of the well known Hungarian architect László Székely. The electricity produced at the “Turbines” was used especially for street lighting and industrial purposes.

In this post I’ve also decided to share an old photo of the power plant which was captured a The hydroelectric power plant's construction
couple of months before the completion of the hydroelectric power plant. As you can see in the small photo from the right side, the photo was captured when the constructors built the building’s small tower. Inside that building were placed the turbines which produced the electricity for Timisoara. The turbines were produced by the Ganz-féle Villamossági company. By the way, the “Turbines” are still in service.

Panoramic view of the Turbines

In the photo below you can see a panoramic view of the old hydroelectric power plant, all the photos were captured close to the Bega canal. The panoramic photo was captured near the regulating gates and for this panoramic photo I’ve used 8 photos.

Panoramic view of the Turbines in Timisoara

View from a small bridge over the Bega canal

Close to the power plant, there is a small bridge over the Bega canal and when I captured all my photos of the Turbines, I’ve also decided to capture some photos from the small bridge.

The Turbines from a bridge located close to the power plant

One HDR photo of the hydro-electric power plant

Here is an HDR image of the white building were the actual turbines are located.

HDR photo of the power plant

Sunset with interesting clouds

Since that day the sky was packed with clouds, I have decided to make those interesting clouds to stand out a little bit. I really liked the final result of the image and had to share with you.

The hydro-electric power plant from Timisoara at sunset

A part of the Turbines

In the photo below you can notice a small part of the hydroelectric power plant and the Bega canal. To be more specific, you can see the regulating gates.

The Bega canal at the Turbines