LG G4 Camera Review And Some Sample Photos

A few words about the LG G4’s camera

Recently I have bought a brand new LG G4 because I was curious to see and test the high quality 16 MP camera. In my opinion the camera is really great because it has a large sensor which comes with an f/1.8 aperture lens, the smartphone also has a laser autofocus which allows the camera to focus much better and faster, a color spectrum sensor  and last but not least, it also have a bright flash. The most amazing parts of the LG G4 are the ability to shot in RAW format (it saves your photos in the DNG raw format) and the second amazing thing is the manual mode, where you can easily select your desired shutter speed, ISO and white balance, this enables the photographer to capture higher quality photos. Also one last important thing that I liked about the LG G4’s camera, are the quality of the photos, in my opinion they are very pleasing but unfortunately a little bit to over sharp.

Now a few words about the photos

Below, I have decided to share with you some photos captured with the LG G4 at sunset. All the photos photos were captured in manual mode and probably you’ve noticed that I post processed the RAW photos a little bit. For the majority of my shots, I’ve used a small tripod for some extra stability.

Small marsh captured with the LG G4

Plowed field at sunset, photo captured with the LG G4

Empty field at sunset

Close up photo captured with LG G4

In conclusion this amazing smartphone can easily replace your camera especially if you have entry level DSLR camera and probably in the future I will use more often my LG G4 for taking pictures then my much larger and heavier Nikon D3100.