Driving Towards The Red Lake

Since we were about two hours of driving away from the Red lake, one day we have decided to drive over there and explore the lake and the surrounding area. After we left the small town of Gheorgheni, the Carpathian mountains started to be more visible and after almost 5 km away from the town, we started slowly to climb a mountain. The photos presented in this post were captured close to the summit of a smaller mountain called Pangarati which has a height of 1256 meters. I have to admit that the entire scenery is truly amazing, everywhere you look you will see tall pine trees and deep valleys. The photos were taken on a hot August day when outside were almost 35 degrees Celsius, but up there in the mountains, the weather was perfect for some hiking. Our next stop was at the Red lake, I will share with you some photos with the lake in the upcoming posts, so please stay tuned.

Eastern Carpathian mountains in the summer

Winding road in the mountain

Deep valley

Another part of the Carpathian mountains