The Bear Lake In Sovata

After we have returned from the two hour long train ride with the Sovata steam train, we have decided that it was the perfect time to check out the renowned Bear lake which is located on the other end of the city. So we jumped into the car and drove more then five minutes from the train station to an emptier paid parking lot. After we left our car in the parking lot, we had to walk almost 15 minutes to the Bear lake. Once we had arrived there, I saw hundreds of people near the salty lake. Some of them were swimming in the water and others were relaxing on the wooden pontoons.

The entire lake is unique in Europe due to its water which is salty and helio-thermal and I’ve heard that it can help those who have severe rheumatic pains. Probably that’s the reason why I saw a lot of old people at the Bear lake. This place is opened to the public only in summer.

These photos were taken a few days before our second visit to Sovata and since outside started to rain, the tourists started to leave the lake.

Bear lake in Sovata

People on the wooden pontoon near the Bear lake