Sovata Steam Train

Since on our holiday we stayed close to Sovata, one day we have decided to check out the Mocăniţa in Sovata. We have arrived at Gara Mica in Sovata about 5 minutes after the train left the station. That day the train was a little bit crowded but I have managed to find a place where I was able to stay. Usually, the steam train was made of the old Polish locomotive and three rail cars. The average speed of the locomotive was around 15 km/h and after almost one hour we have reached our final destination which was Campu Cetatii. The end station is 14 km away from Sovata. Between Sovata and Campu Cetatii the landscape is pretty amazing and I bet that you’ll not regret this trip with the narrow gauge steam train.


In 1912 the construction of the narrow gauge railway line between Targu-Mures and Praid has started and the first train started to operate on this line on 31th January 1915. Unfortunately, after 82 years, this amazing railway line was closed. In 2011 a private company has started to operate on 14 km of the old Targu-Mures – Praid, between the “increasingly popular health resort” of Sovata and Campu Cetatii.

From Sovata to Campu Cetatii

Here you will see some photos taken from the train as we traveled towards Campu Cetatii. As you can see in the photos below, from the train you are able to see the amazing scenery.

The Sovata steam train near a rail crossing.

Lady walking on the road in the summer.

Near Campu Cetatii

At Campu Cetatii

Basically this is the terminus station on the Sovata – Campu Cetatii narrow gauge line. Here, the steam locomotive is uncoupled from the front of the train and its coupled at the back of the train. Usually at Campu Cetatii, the train stay for almost 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes you have plenty of time to take some amazing photos of the train and the surrounding area.

Railway track switching at Campu Cetatii

The old Polish narrow gauge steam locomotive

The locomotive is coupled at the back of the Sovata train

The railway switch at Campu Cetatii

From Campu Cetatii to Sovata

After the train left Campu Cetatii, I started to take some shots of the amazing landscape.

Large forest near Campu Cetatii

Field with old Transylvanian houses in the background

Old train station on the line

Storm clouds and the landscape around Sovata

Finally back in Sovata

After another hour of traveling from Campu Cetatii, the steam train had arrived in Sovata where another large group of tourists and train enthusiast were waiting for the train.

The steam train in Sovata at Gara Mica

The Sovata train station

The parking lot near the station

Railway maintenance vehicle in Gara Mica, Sovata

After we’ve returned from Capmu Cetatii with the Sovata Steam Train (mocanita in Romanian) I saw on a dead line a narrow gauge railway maintenance vehicle which caught my attention and I have decided to include it into a shot with the station in the background of the picture. Probably this was used to rehabilitate the Sovata – Campu Cetatii narrow gauge railway line.

Gara Mica train station in Sovata

Switching the track

After we’ve arrived back in Sovata, the steam locomotive is decoupled from the back of the train and its coupled to the front of the train.

Steam locomotive in Sovata with a group of tourists