A Short Trip To Buzias

In the summer of 2015, I have decided to take a short trip with my parents to visit once again the small town of Buzias which is about 40 km away from my home. As you will see in this post, almost all my photos were captured inside the Dendrological park which is located almost in the center of Buzias. To those who don’t know, the park has almost a surface of over 20 ha and back in 1839 it was declared a spa due to the mineral water found in the area.

The ruins of Baia 2

There was the entrance into Baia 2 spa. As you can see in the photo below, the entire place is a ruin and slowly the building starts to collapse. Near the entrance, I saw the remains of a bench and I’ve decided to photograph it.

The old Baia 2 spa in Buzias

Broken bench in front of Baia 2 spa

The back entrance into Baia 1

This was the back entrance into Baia 1 spa. If you take a closer look, you can see that this building is in the same condition as the Baia 2 spa. At the back entrance into the building the roof of the building was missing, probably it collapsed.

The back entrance into Baia 1 spa

Villa Stil Diwal

Inside the Dendrological park

Below you will some photos which were taken inside the Dendrological park were you are able to see many old buildings and some wooden structures like the covered colonnades which were built in Turkish-Byzantine style.

Covered colonnades in Buzias Dendrological park

Old wooden structures in the park

Roof starting to collapse

The catholic church

Here is a photo of the roman catholic church from Buzias. This church is located at the edge of the Dendrological park, near the main road which leads to Timisoara.

The catholic church near the Dendrological park

If you are interested to watch even more photos of Buzias and the Dendrological park, I highly encourage you to check out this post: Visiting The Dendrological Park In Buzias.