Timisoara At Night

On a cold spring night, I have decided to capture some night shots of Timisoara. Because that day, outside was cold, I’ve decided to take some photos only near the city center.

At the Central Park

My first stop was at the edge of the central park from where I wanted to capture the lights of the cars which were passing by. After a couple of shots, I’ve moved to the next location which was the old fountains in the Central Park. My last location was the monument of the unknown soldier which is located in the center of the Central Park.

Near the Central Park in Timisoara

Monument of the unknown soldier which is located in the center of the Central Park

Bright lights in the Central Park

As I photographed various things in the Central Park at night, I came across a walkway which leads to the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and to Timisoara’s city center and at the end of the walkway, almost close to the edge of the Central Park, there were some bright street lights which looked interesting to me so I’ve decided to photograph those street lights. Also I have managed to include a small part of the Orthodox Cathedral in the photo, you can notice it in the background of the photo, behind those trees.

Bright street lights in the central park at night

The Victory square

To those who don’t know Victory square is considered to be Timisoara’s city center. In the background of the first photo you will notice the the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral which was built between 1936 and 1946. As far as I know, the cathedral in the highest building in Timisoara, it has a height of 94 m. In the second photo you can notice the Opera House at night which is even older than the Orthodox Cathedral. The constructions were started in 1871 and it was finished four years later.

The Victory square or Timisoara city center

The Opera House in Timisoara at night

Here  you can find many old impressive buildings, some of which were designed by the Hungarian architect Lászlo Székely. As you can see in the photo the entire place looks amazing especially at night when all the street lights are turned on.

This photo was captured from the steps of the Orthodox cathedral and as you can see in the photo below, you can spot almost the entire square from here.

Victory square in Timisoara at night

The Tineretii bridge

This bridge is located near the “Polithenica” University of Timisoara and if you take a closer look you can notice a small part of the University in the background of the first photo. I have decided to photograph this bridge because of those green lights found under the Tineretii bridge. In the second photo you can notice the new walkways which were build close to the bank of the Bega canal.

Tineretii bridge and the Bega canal

Walkways near the Bega canal