Praid Salt Mine

In the summer of 2015 we have decided to take a nice trip to the small Transylvanian town of Praid. After almost 8 hours of driving we finally reached our destination and we’ve checked in into a nice pension located at the edge of Praid. This small town its renowned for its salt mine which is probably one of the biggest salt mines from Romania. Inside the mine there is constant temperature around 14 – 15 degrees Celsius and in my opinion is the perfect place to stay especially in the hot summer days. In order to get into the salt mine you have to pay a ticket which is 25 lei which is around 6$ and after that you have to wait for the buses which will take you down into the salt mine, the ride takes almost 5 minutes and the bus goes 1.250 meters.

Below, I have decided to share some photos captured inside the salt mine which in my opinion it looks like a small village.

The Chapel from the saline

This amazing chapel was built in 1993 and as I’ve heard, they held there religious ceremonies three times per week.

The altar within the chapel

The chapel from the Praid salt mine

Gymnastics, sports a little bit of history

Here you can see a large group attending free gymnastics classes provided by a coach, also you can do various sport like ping pong and badminton. Next to that large group of people, on the right side, you will find a small museum where is presented the history of Praid salt mine and there also you’ll find various mining tools used in the mining process.

Group of people attending gymnastics classes

Praid slat mine museum

Near the slat mine entrance

This place is located near the entrance into the salt mine and there you’ll find many interesting things like a playground for the children, a small Coffee shop and a 3D cinema.

Playground and a adventurer park in the mine

Near the restaurant

Near the restaurant, you will find a nice wine gallery where are almost 500 varieties of wines displayed.

The wine gallery

The Buses

These are the buses which used to bring the tourists in and out from the salt mine. As you can see in the summer when its very hot outside, a lot of tourists visit the place.

The buses which will take you in and out from the Praid salt mine