Harsh Winter In a Romanian Village

In this post I will share some photos from December 2012 right after two days of heavy snowfall. In the photos below you can see how a Romanian village looks like after a heavy snowfall.

After the snow has stopped

This photo was captured right after two days of heavy snowing, on a cold December morning. As you can see in the photo below, the local authorities managed to clean very efficiently the main streets of the village. That morning I saw many locals with a shovel in their hands and despite that outside was around -10 degrees Celsius, they started to shovel away the snow from the sidewalks.

A street in the winter

A street covered with a thick layer of snow

This is how a street is looking after two days of heavy snowfall. As you can see, almost everything is covered with a very thick layer of snow.

Street covered with snow in the village

Old Swabian house in Romania

This is one of the oldest house in my village, probably you can notice that it was built in 1930 by the Swabians. These types of houses were built almost entirely from adobe. Back then, in 1930, the majority of the villagers, almost 80% were Swabians. After the Second World War almost all of the Swabians were expelled from this part of Romania. In our days, probably you can find a few Swabian families which either returned from Germany or they continued to live here.

Old Swabian house in the winter

Old Greek-Catholic church in a Romanian village

The Greek-Catholic church from the photo below is very old, it was built somewhere in 1810. Initially it was built for the Roman Catholics but as the time passed, the number of Roman-Catholics started to decline. In our days, this church is used by the Greek-Catholics. Sadly this church starts slowly to deteriorate, you can notice that the exterior of the church looks very dramatic. I’ve heard that the interior is looking almost the same. Hopefully, one day the local authorities will raise some funds to repair the church, until then, who knows how much will resist in these conditions.

Old Greek-Catholic church

Two days of harsh winter

This is how a Romanian village is looking after two days of heavy snowing. The photo was taken last year in December, and if I remember correctly, it started to snow on a Friday and it lasted almost two days. Fortunately, on Sunday the snow ended but the weather remained very cold. On Sunday morning the temperature was around -10 degrees Celsius. This didn’t stop me to grab my camera and take some photo of the “White Apocalypse”.

Anther street covered with snow

Snow dunes

This photo was taken in a Romanian village after a couple of days of heavy snow. You can notice in the photo below how much snow felt down from the clouds in almost two days of non-stop snowing, it covered the gardens with a thick layer of snow. In some areas the layer of snow measured almost half of meter. Sometimes, winter can be very harsh here in Romania.

Some snow dunes

Old pine tree in the middle of the cemetery

The road towards the cemetery was very difficult because in some areas the layer of snow measured more than half of meter. It took me almost 8 minutes to reach the cemetery although in normal conditions, I covered the same distance in 2-3 minutes. This small trip to the cemetery worth it because I managed to captured some amazing winter photos.

Pine tree covered with snow in the cemetery

A street covered in snow

This is one of the main streets of my village and as you can see, everything is covered with snow. The sidewalks were entirely covered with snow, in some areas the layer of snow measured more then half of meter. Sometimes winter can be a very beautiful season, but not when it snows a lot.

The main road on a cold winter morning