The Village Of Malancrav And The Apafi Manor

When we drove back from Biertan, we decided to visit another fortified church located in the nearby area. Our next destination was the village of Malancrav which is about 15 km away from the main road which leads to Sighisoara. This small village is renowned for the old Lutheran church and for the Apafi manor which can be found in the vicinity of the fortified church.

The Apafi manor

As I mentioned above, the Apafi manor is located right next to the Lutheran fortified church. This manor was built in the 15th century by the Hungarian princely family. As you can see, this building was restored to its original shape back in 2007. Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to photograph the exterior of the Apafi manor because the interior was closed when we arrived there. The first shot was captured from the small garden which is located in the back of the manor and my second shot was taken not far from the Lutheran church’s fortification wall.

Apafi manor in Malancrav

The fortified church

The church from Malancrav was built in the late 14th century in Gothic style. In the 15th century, the fortifications were built.

The Lutheran fortified church in Malancrav

The back of the church

Malancrav and the surrounding area

Here are some shots of the village of Malancrav and the surrounding area covered with a thick layer of snow.

The village of Malancrav and the surrounding area

Old traditional houses covered with snow