The Fortified Evangelical Church In Biertan

Today I will share some photos from my recent trip to Biertan, Transylvania. This village is located in Sibiu county and its about 30 km away from the medieval city of Sighisoara. Biertan is renowned for its Lutheran fortified church which was completed in 1524 and it was built by the German Saxons who lived in Transylvania. Unfortunately, we only managed to visit the exterior of the church because only organized groups are allowed to visit the interior of the fortified church. Also I would like to mention that the road to Biertan is in good condition so don’t forget to visit it if you are in the area.

Panoramic view of Biertan

On our way back to Sighisoara, I’ve decided to capture a panoramic photo of village of Biertan and the fortified church in winter. So we stopped about 1 km away from the village and I toked a couple of shots of the village. As you can see everything is covered with a thick layer of snow.

panoramic view of Biertan

Exterior photos of the fortified church

Here are some exterior shots of the fortified church taken in various locations around the fortification walls. The photo below was captured from the small square which is located very close to the fortified walls.

The Lutheran Fortified church

In the photo below you can see even better the two concentric fortification walls and a small part of the Lutheran church.

Multiple fortification walls which surrounds the medieval church

As I heard, the fortified church has 7 defense towers and 2 bastions and it was the seat of the Lutheran bishops between 1572 and 1867.

The back of the church

The photo below was my last shot of Biertan. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed because the church was closed and I didn’t manage to capture some interior photos of the Lutheran church, probably next time I will have more luck.

A shot of the church captured from a small bridge

The Lutheran fortified church from the Transylvanian commune of Biertan