Sunset Over Lake Ruganesti

On our way back from lake Zetea, we decided to take a short stop at lake Ruganesti which is located about 5 km away from the small Romanian town of Cristuru Secuiesc. When we arrived there, the sun started slowly to disappear under the hills which surrounded the lake. Fortunately, I’ve managed to capture some sunset photos of the lake, the best photos from that day are found in this post.

The sunset and lake Ruganesti

This was my first photo at the lake, before I started to photograph the place, I’ve made a short walk to search for interesting things to photograph and I found a bout tied to a small pontoon and I’ve decided to include the boat into my photograph.

sunset over a lake

A sunset photo over lake Ruganesti with a boat on the lake

The round table

As you can see in the photo below, this lake is surrounded by some larger hills and when we have arrived to lake Ruganesti, the sun started slowly to disappear behind those hills. Another interesting thing to photograph was a round stone table which was close to the lake.

round table at Ruganesti

Reflections in the water

When I captured this photo, I wanted to photograph the reflection of the clouds because some ugly storm clouds were headed to towards the lake, if you take a closer look at the photo, you can see the reflections of the clouds in the lake’s water.

reflections in the lake's water

Some storm clouds and the surrounding area

As you can see in the photo below,  lake Ruganesti is very large and the landscape is really amazing. Probably this would be a perfect fishing place.

The lake with some storm clouds

My last photo of this place

Here is my last image from that day, the subject was the same, the boat and the beautiful landscape which surrounds the lake.

photographing the sunset at lake Ruganesti in Transylvania