Lethal Industry In Copsa Mica

While we were driving towards the beautiful medieval city of Sighisoara, we had to drive through the small town of Copsa Mica. According to Wikipedia, in the 1990, Copsa Mica was one of the most polluted town in Europe due to the emissions of two factories in the area. In the present days, only a small part of that large industrial complex is in operation. The tall chimney from the industrial complex is visible from more then 5 km away, especially if you are driving from Medias towards Copsa Mica.

Copsa Mica industrial complex

Near Copsa Mica

The photo below was captured near Copsa Mica where we had stopped for almost 10 minutes. I really liked the place and I’ve decided to turn this photo into HDR.

Dirt road near Copsa Mica