Visiting The Dendrological Park

Buzias is a small town located in Timis county, Romania. It’s only about 40 km away from the capital city of Banat region, Timisoara. I traveled to Buzias three years ago and back then, I visited the Dendrological park where the covered colonnades are located, my next destination in park were the old and unfortunately abandoned and ruined, health spas. My last destination was located at the edge of the Dendrological park, where an old airplane can be found which functions as a restaurant.

The covered colonnades in the Dendrological park

The covered colonnades were built in Turkish-Byzantine style and if you take a closer look to the photos above and below, you can notice that they were built almost entirely from wood.

Covered colonnades in Buzias

Baia 2

That ruined building behind those large trees was built between 1853-1856 and its called Bath 2 or “Baia 2” in Romanian. In the past, that building functioned as a spa, the sick people were treated inside that building with mineral water. In our days, that building is abandoned, it seems like nobody cares anymore about the past and the renowned of Buzias resort.

Baia 1 spa

At the Airport

At the edge of the Dendrological park, you can find the airplane from below. As I heard, this plane is a soviet copy of the famous american Douglas DC2, nicknamed Dakota. This plane was brought to Buzias in 1978 with one good purpose, to function as a bar (or Aviabar) for the tourists who came to visit Buzias. Somewhere in 1986 this plane was relocated behind the “Silvana” hotel, and after the relocation, the plane remained there. In 2005 an investor bought the plane and opened a nice restaurant.

Airport restaurant in Buzias

At the Fenix

The biggest advantage of this mineral water spring is that its free, you can fill up as many empty water bottles as you desire. The water at that spring has a weird taste, but don’t be scared to drink it, the mineral water is drinkable. This spring is really easy to find, it is located at the edge of the Dendrological park, close to some hotels. I really encourage you to go there and taste the mineral water.

Fenix mineral water spring

Buzias train station in the summer

Since the train station in Buzias is very close to the main road which leads into the town, we decided to check it out before we venture in the city. As you can see in the photo, this is a small train station and which was modernized a couple of years ago. When we arrived there, it wasn’t enough activity at the train station, we only saw a couple of passengers waiting for a train. After a couple of minutes, a train had arrived in the station. I have captured a few photos of the passengers and the train and after that we left the train station, we headed to our next destination: the Dendrological park.

Buzias train station