Visiting The Serbian Town Of Vršac

After almost 2 hours of driving from the amazing Bigar waterfall, we have arrived to the Serbian town of Vršac which is located in the Vojvodina province of Serbia, close to the Romanian border. We left our car in a free parking lot near the local market and we decided to visit the area near the market since we didn’t plan to stay very long. Unfortunately we only managed to visit two of Vršac’s main sights.

A Catholic church in Vršac

As we walked on a main street, we saw from a distance a larger church and we have decided to go and check it out. This turned out to be a catholic church which is called The St. Gerhard Bishop and Martyr Catholic Church.

catholic cathedral in Vrsac

Old man riding his bike

Close to the catholic church, near an intersection, I saw an old man riding his bike and I’ve decided to capture some shots as he got closer to the intersection. To make it look even more simple, I have decided to turn it into black and white.

Old man riding his bike

Old man near a Bingo shop

Here’s another “old man” shot in which an old man was heading towards a Bingo shop. As you can see the streets are quite empty, probably because it was Saturday.

Old man walking near a Bingo shop

Colorful houses in Vršac

This is a long street in Vršac and I really liked the different types of colors.

A street in Vrsac

Near the city center

This shot was captured near the city center or “centar” in Serbian. You can notice the fact that this larger street was almost empty as well.

Near Vrsac city center

The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral

This cathedral is located almost at the edge of the city center, close to the market and the place where we parked our car.

The Orthodox cathedral

After almost two hours of visiting the area we went into a shop and we bought some Serbian sweets and after that, we left the city and drove home.