The Great Lake Zetea

The photos presented in this post were captured last year when I traveled with my family to the well-known historical region of Transylvania, Romania. To those who don’t know, Lake Zetea is located in Harghita county and its about 20 km away from the small Romanian town of Odorheiu Secuiesc. This large lake is an artificial lake because it was built to prevent flooding in the surrounding areas. Today, if you plan to visit the place, you will notice a small hydroelectric power plant under the dam which produces clean electricity to the local community.

Panoramic view of the lake

Before we left the lake, I’ve decided to take multiple photos of the lake and the surrounding area and merge them into a panoramic photo. All the photos were captured from the lake’s dam because I’ve considered that place a perfect spot for making interesting panoramic photos.

A panoramic photo of the great lake Zetea
Panoramic view of lake Zetea

View of lake Zetea from the dam

I remember that this was my first photo of the lake, I’ve shot it as soon as I arrived to the lake. You can notice that the entire lake is surrounded by large forested hills and the shore is packed with large mountain rocks.

Mountain rocks on the shore of the lake
Rocky shore

The other side of the dam

As you can see in the photo below, the entire valley is surrounded by large forested hills. At the bottom of the dam, you can spot a white building which operates as a smaller hydroelectric power plant. This small power plant produces hydroelectricity. I have to admit that surrounding areas are really beautiful, especially the view from the dam from where, you are able to see the entire valley and its also a perfect spot for capturing many amazing landscape photos.

A photo of the entire valley and the landscape which surrounds the lake
Other side of the dam


Stairs covered by water

Close to end of the dam, I’ve found some stairs which helped me to get closer to the water. You can notice that when I shot these photos, the water level was really low.

Some steps covered by the lake's water
Stairways into the water

In conclusion, I highly recommend this places especially if you are traveling in the nearby area.