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Ochiul Beiului in the Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park

Ochiul Beiului is actually a small lake with a beautiful turquoise water which can be found in the Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park. In order to get there, you will have to drive to Beiului trout farm. Over there you can leave your car while visiting the place. If you plan to eat something before your journey to Ochiul Beiului, you can find there a small restaurant where you can eat some fresh mountain trout. Besides the restaurant, there is also a camping place.

Right before the entrance into the trout farm, you will find a marked path which will take you through the forest to Ochiul Beiului. After about 45 minutes of walking through the forest, next to a mountain stream, you will reach the small lake with turquoise water.

Ochiul Beiului.
Ochiul Beiului lake with turquoise water.
Some tourists taking selfies at the lake.
Water stream which flows next to Ochiul Beiului.

Romania Șiria Travel

The Șiria Fortress

Not far from the Romanian city of Arad, you will find on the top of a larger hill the Șiria fortress. Right below the fortress, is the commune of Șiria. If you plan to visit the fortress, then you should know that there is an asphalted road which will take you up the hill next to some tall antennas. There you will many places where you can leave your car while you are visiting the fortress. From the antennas to the fortress there is only a short walk through a forest and after a couple of minutes of walking, the fortress will come into your sight.

The Șiria fortress in the summer.
Ruins belonging to the fortress with large agricultural fields in the background.
Large round shaped wall part with the commune of Șiria in the background.
The road which leads up to the fortress with the mountains.
The Șiria fortress on the edge of the hill with a large plain in the background.