Church In The Iron Gates

As we were driving along the Danube in the Iron Gates, about 18 km away from the port city of Orsova we decided to make a short stop at a place called Mraconia. Over there, you can actually admire two impressive landmarks, the first is Decebal’s statue and the second is a small church which was built right next to the Danube.

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Church in the Iron Gates next to the Danube.

The Truncated Tower In Salonta

On our way back home, we decided to make a short stop in Salonta to check out the Truncated tower. We left our car very close to the tower, right next to a park. The place was closed when we arrived there, so I was able to capture only some exterior shots of the building.

The Truncated tower was built in the 16th century and its main purpose was to protect the lives of the soldiers and their families which were living in this small settlement. Back then, this place was occupied by the Ottoman empire along with other parts of the country.

The Truncated tower in the city of Salonta

The CFR 130.503 At Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

Today I have decided to share another photo of an old steam locomotive from the Sibiu steam locomotive museum. Now let me give you a couple of details about the 130.503. I heard that it was built in 1921 by Skoda in the former Czechoslovakia and since they performed very well, the Romanian Railway Company or simply the CFR has decided to make a larger order of these types of steam engines. Today you will find this locomotive near another great steam engine which is the 150.1105 loco.

CFR 130.503 steam locomotive at Sibiu Steam Locomotive Museum

Statue In The Central Park

On our way back from Oradea, we decided to make a short stop in the small city of Salonta. The main reason for our stop was to visit the Truncated Tower which is located near the central park. Also this unique tower can be found right next to the main road so it was pretty easy for us to visit it. Unfortunately we only managed to visit the exterior of the tower because when we stopped there, the place was closed.

I will share some photos of the tower in the upcoming posts, now you will see a nice statue which is located next to the Truncated tower in Salonta.

Statue in the Central Park in Salonta.


Inside The Citadel Of Oradea

On the 1th of June, we made a short road trip to the city of Oradea. After more then 2 hours of driving from Timisoara we finally reached the small medieval citadel. Fortunately we managed to find an empty parking lot right next to the citadel despite the fact that it was a national holiday and the small citadel was packed with people. After left our car in the parking lot, we started to explore this place. This image was among my first ones captured inside the old medieval citadel. As you can see, the buildings located in the citadel were rehabilitated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same thing about the defense walls, which were in a pretty bad condition.

A church located inside the citadel of Oradea