Princess Elena

In 2014 we made a road trip to the famous Bigar waterfall and on our way there, we had to drive through the city of Resita. Over there, we have decided to make a short stop to visit the steam locomotive museum. Among the larger standard gauge steam locomotives you can also find a couple of narrow gauge steam locos. Probably this is one of my favorite locomotive, by the way, her name is Princess Elena.

Princess Elena narrow gauge steam locomotive in Resita


Empty Street In The Citadel On a Misty Morning

This is an older photo taken a couple of years ago on a misty summer morning. Back then the medieval citadel of Sighisoara was pretty empty so it was much easier for me to shot some amazing images without people in them. If you walk down this street, you will end up next to the old Cobbler’s Tower and from there, you can actually take some interesting images of the Roman Catholic church.

The Cobbler's Tower and the Roman Catholic church in Sighisoara


Winter Without Snow In The Forest

Back in December, when we made a trip to the Romanian city of Moneasa, I wanted to visit a smaller waterfall located right next to a dirt road which leads into the forest. Unfortunately I didn’t know exactly how far it was from Moneasa and because we had to drive on an awful dirt road, we decided not to drive very far from the resort. On that road, I found this beautiful stream flowing down from the forest and since I had the tripod with me, I’ve decided to capture some long exposure shots of the stream.

Small stream flowing in the forest

The Roman Catholic Monastery St. Maria In Radna

Back in December when we drove to Moneasa we’ve decided to make a short stop in the city of Radna. The only attraction in this small Romanian city is the impressive catholic monastery St. Maria. After taking some pictures of the monastery and the surrounding area, we continued our road trip.

Other things to explore in the area

Not far from the monastery, you will also find the ruins of the old medieval Soimos castle which is actually located on the top of a larger hill. If you plan to visit this place you should know that you will have to follow a steep path which will lead you exactly in front of the old ruins.

Roman Catholic Monastery St. Maria in Radna

Multiple Waterfalls In The Forest

Today I have decided to share an older photo from 2014 when we visited the famous Bigar waterfall in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita national park. Back then, after we entered into the reservation we’ve decided to follow a path in the forest which leads towards the Bigar cave. To my luck, this path is actually running right next to the stream so this gave me a lot of opportunities to create some beautiful long exposure photos of the rapid stream.

Multiple waterfalls